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Cabinet Decisions taken on 28 April 2017

Date: April 28, 2017


1.         Cabinet has taken note that, in line with the decision of Government that the Metro Express Project should be environmentally friendly, the Board of Metro Express Ltd has decided to enlist the services of Singapore Cooperation Enterprise, which is conversant with all aspects of the Project, to carry out a thorough Environmental Impact Study.
2.         Cabinet has taken note that, with a view to encouraging more people to take advantage of the Water Tank Grant Scheme, the procedures and criteria of application for the grant to purchase a water tank, have been simplified, i.e., -
(a)          applicants will no longer be required to swear an affidavit to certify their household income;
(b)          Basic Retirement Pension will not be included in the computation of the gross household income;
(c)          applicants in the Social Register of Mauritius, who will be automatically  eligible for the grant, will not have to produce any documentary evidence of their household income; and
(d)          application forms will be available at the Customer Service Offices of the Central Water Authority, the Citizens Advice Bureaux, and the Social Security Offices, as well as online.
3.         Cabinet has taken note of the outcome of the air services negotiations held between the aeronautical authorities of the Kingdom of Swaziland and those of Mauritius, and that a Memorandum of Understanding had been signed providing, among others, for -
(a)       the designated airline(s) of each Contracting Party being allowed to operate up to seven frequencies in each direction per week on the specified routes;
(b)       all-cargo operations being also allowed without restrictions on capacity and frequency, and with full third, fourth and fifth freedoms traffic rights; and
(c)        the designated airline(s) of Mauritius, that is Air Mauritius, being entitled to exercise full fifth freedom traffic rights on the specified routes to the following intermediate and beyond points: Madagascar, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands.
The Swaziland authorities have been invited to join the air corridor project with a view to bringing new synergies and further consolidating the project.

4.         Cabinet has taken note that the Ministerial Committee on the Public Sector Business Transformation Strategy, chaired by the Rt Hon Sir Anerood Jugnauth, GCSK, KCMG, QC, Minister Mentor, Minister of Defence, Minister for Rodrigues, had held a first meeting and recommended the following key actions as the initial move to kickstart the implementation process -
(a)       reengineering of the Cabinet Secretariat to drive policy and priorities to achieve results;
(b)       drafting of the Terms of Reference of a High Powered Committee, to be chaired by the Secretary to Cabinet and Head of the Civil Service, to monitor the implementation of the Strategy; and
(c)        drafting of the Terms of Reference of other Committees as stipulated in the Strategy.
5.         Cabinet has taken note of the holding of an International Conference on Emerging Trends and Challenges in Science, Technology and Society in Mauritius in May 2017. The Conference will provide a common platform to participants whose interactions will help underscore the cutting-edge advances in the diverse disciplines of Science and Technology, including Engineering, Social Sciences, Medical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
6.         Cabinet has taken note that, on the occasion of the International Day of Families 2017, the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare would organise the following activities -
(a)       a National Family Day at the Gymkhana Grounds, Vacoas;
            (b)       a workshop on the Observatory for Parenthood; and
(c)        a workshop to validate the report on the study on the prevalence, causes, consequences and costs of Intimate Partner Violence.
The theme chosen by the United Nations for this year’s celebration is “Families, education and well-being”.
7.         Cabinet has taken note of the Stamp Issue Programme for the year 2017.  Postage stamps would be issued depicting the following –
            (a)       the Chagos Archipelago and the Islets of the Republic of Mauritius;
            (b)       the 250 years of the Mauritius Police Force;
            (c)        the 50th Anniversary of the Bank of Mauritius;
            (d)       the 100 years of late Serge Constantin (1917-2017);
            (e)       the Tai Biou Pagoda, also known as Kwan Tee Pagoda, the oldest Pagoda in the Southern Hemisphere;
            (f)        the Lions International Centennial Anniversary, and Lions 50-Year of Presence in Mauritius; and
            (g)       sea shells of the Republic of Mauritius.
8.         Cabinet has taken note that, during his recent visit to Reunion Island, the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Energy and Public Utilities had signed a Convention de Partenariat Tripartite under the Fonds d'Expertise Technique et d'Echanges d'Expériences with l’Agence Française de Développement and l’Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Energie, Reunion Island.  The Convention provides for a grant of 100,000 Euros to support renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.  The delegation, led by the Deputy Prime Minister, also had a meeting with the Sociétés Publiques Locales Energies Réunion that would provide support to the Energy Efficiency Management Office for the restructuring of the Observatoire de l’Energie with a view to making it more responsive and user-friendly.
9.         Cabinet has taken note of the outcome of the mission of the Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation to India where he participated in the Third Edition of the Global Exhibition on Services.  The objectives of the Exhibition were to increase the understanding of the potential of the Services Sector and Foreign Direct Investment flow in India, and provide a platform for the Indian Services Sector to interface with global service providers and consumers.  In the margins of the Exhibition, the Minister had meetings with heads of several governmental and private sector organisations on investment in Mauritius.
10.       Cabinet has taken note of the outcome of the recent mission of the Minister of Health and Quality of Life to Kuwait at the invitation of Dasman Diabetes Institute of Kuwait.  Following discussions with Professor Hilal Al Sayer, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Institute,  the Minister of Health and Quality of Life and the Institute signed a Memorandum of Understanding on mutual collaboration on the prevention and control of diabetes and the promotion of research and study to reduce the incidence of non-communicable diseases. The Dasman Diabetes Institute is a specialised institution focusing on research and treatment of diabetes.  Taking into consideration that Mauritius has acquired experience in the conduct of surveys on non-communicable diseases, it was proposed to have collaboration with the Institute to facilitate the conduct of a comparative study of non-communicable diseases in Kuwait. 

11.       Cabinet has taken note that the Annual Civil Service Kermesse would be held on 5 November 2017 at the Gymkhana Grounds, Vacoas.
12.       Cabinet has taken note of the reconstitution of -
(a)       the Board of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority with Mr Vijaycoomarsingh Bhujohory as Chairperson; and
(b)       the Board of the Mauritius Sports Council with Mrs S. Rawat-Currimjee as Chairperson.

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