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Cabinet Decisions - 3 October 2014

Date: October 03, 2014


 1.         Cabinet has taken note of the outcome of the recent mission of the Acting Prime Minister, Minister of Energy and Public Utilities to the United Kingdom. The main objective of the mission was to hold discussions with the British authorities on the ongoing reform process in the Energy and Water Sectors. He had, amongst others, a meeting with Mr Dermot Nolan, Chief Executive Officer of the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, on the regulatory functions of the Office, and participated in a Round Table on renewable energy.  The UK Renewable Energy has agreed to provide support for the implementation of projects, particularly in the context of the Ocean Economy.
            The Acting Prime Minister, Minister of Energy and Public Utilities also attended the 58th General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency held in Vienna. The Conference adopted resolutions, amongst others, on the Agency’s programmes and activities on peaceful development of nuclear technologies; measures to strengthen international cooperation in nuclear radiation; nuclear security; and how to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the Agency’s safeguards system.  A resolution on Israëli Nuclear Capability, introduced by Kuwait on behalf of the Arab Member States, called upon Israël to accede to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and to place all its nuclear facilities under comprehensive IAEA safeguards. The resolution was rejected by the General Conference as 45 countries voted in favour of the resolution, 58 against and 11 abstained in the roll-call vote requested by Israël.  Mauritius voted in favour of the resolution.
            In the margins of the Conference, the Acting Prime Minister, Minister of Energy and Public Utilities also attended the bilateral country meeting.  The International Atomic Energy Agency commended the active participation of Mauritius in the ongoing technical cooperation programmes, particularly the National Cancer Programme implemented by the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life.
2.         Cabinet has reviewed the situation as regards the Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa.  Taking into consideration that the last case of Ebola Virus Disease in Nigeria was reported on 5 September 2014, Cabinet has agreed to the recommendations of the High Level Committee on Ebola Virus Disease that, as from 17 October 2014, Nigeria be removed from the list of affected countries, subject to the guidelines of the World Health Organization.
3.         Cabinet has taken note that the Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund would regularize the employment of 47 relief workers who reckon more than 12 months continuous service with the Fund.
4.         Cabinet has taken note that the Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment would make the Occupational Safety and Health (Transportation
 of Employees) Regulations to further strengthen the safety of workers who are transported on private roads in vehicles provided by the employers, make provision, amongst others, for the requirement of a competent person to inspect every vehicle as per the manufacturer’s specification before the vehicle is used for any work shift, and ensure that seats provided for employees are properly maintained and fitted with suitable backrests and positioned in such a manner as to prevent fall of employees being transported.
5.         Cabinet has taken note that the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology would organise the Mauritius Digital Government Summit on
08 October 2014.  The main objectives of the Summit are to –
            (a)       monitor progress in the implementation of the e-Government Strategy 2013-2017;
            (b)       create awareness about e-Government solutions developed in or customized for the Government of Mauritius;
            (c)        share best practices in the sphere of e-Government, especially on policy issues, like Open Government Data and Data Governance; and
            (d)       position Mauritius as a regional hub for Digital/e-Government solution.
6.         Cabinet has taken note that the Minister of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions would make the National Pensions (Amendment of Schedules) Regulations, the National Pensions (Collection of Contributions) (Amendment) Regulations and the National Pensions (Industrial Injuries) (Amendment) Regulations.
7.         Cabinet has taken note that Mrs Madanumbal Boolell, Chairperson of the NGO Trust Fund, has been elected as the Regional Vice-President of the International Federation on Ageing for Africa for a period of four years.  The mission of the International Federation on Ageing is to generate positive change for older people throughout the world by stimulating, collecting, analysing and disseminating information on rights, policies and practices that improve the quality of life of people.
8.         Cabinet has taken note that, on the occasion of the World Food Day, the Ministry of Fisheries would organize an Open Day at the Albion Fisheries Research Centre on 19 October 2014. The main objective of the Open Day is to showcase the various facets of research in fisheries management and aquaculture to ensure sustainable fisheries development, maintain fishing as one of the main economic activities, and promote the transfer of technologies to the fishermen community.  Other related activities would include a display of live aquatic specimens, trips in glass-bottom boats to observe the marine biodiversity of Albion, and a culinary competition. The theme chosen for this year is “Feeding the world, caring for the earth”.
9.         Cabinet has taken note of the activities that would be organized by the Ministry of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment, in collaboration with the National Empowerment Foundation, in the context of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, which is observed on 17 October, namely, –
(a)       inauguration of a Learning Corner at Barkly, Dagotière, Riche Terre, Bois des Amourettes, Le Bouchon, and Rodrigues;
(b)       sensitization campaigns on substance abuse and services provided for the empowerment of vulnerable groups; and
(c)        medical screening facilities to vulnerable groups around the country.
The theme selected for this year is “Leave no one behind: think, decide and act together against extreme poverty”.
10.       Cabinet has taken note of the Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements of the Town and Country Planning Board for the period ended 31 December 2012.  The function of the Board is to improve the economic, social and environmental well-being and quality of life of inhabitants, and ensure that the Outline Schemes are reviewed regularly to promote a sound basis for development.  The Board also hears appeals on decisions regarding the issue of Building and Land Use Permits by local authorities.
11.       Cabinet has taken note of the reconstitution of the Board of the Chagossian Welfare Fund with Mr Louis Olivier Bancoult, OSK, as Chairperson.

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