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Cabinet Decisions 31 July 2020

Date: July 31, 2020




1.         Cabinet has agreed to the First Schedule of the Chemical Weapons Convention Act being amended.  The Chemical Weapons Convention aims at eliminating an entire category of weapons of mass destruction by prohibiting the development, production, acquisition, stockpiling, use, etc of chemical weapons by State Parties.  Schedule 1 of the Convention lists down the toxic chemicals, the import and export of which is prohibited from/to States which are not parties to the Convention.  In November 2019, the Conference of State Parties approved that two families of chemicals, particularly those used in the Salisbury Chemical attack in the UK in March 2018, be included in the Schedule 1 substances.  The Chemical Weapons Convention (Amendment of Schedule) Regulations would be made accordingly. 




 2.         Cabinet has agreed to the review of licence fees chargeable to the holders of firearms, for Competency Certificate and for the safekeeping services provided by the Mauritius Police Force.  The fees related to the licences and Competency Certificates were last reviewed in 2014.  Appropriate Regulations would be made accordingly.




3.         Cabinet has agreed to the Ministry of Environment, Solid Waste Management and Climate Change proceeding with Phase 2 of the Consultancy Study on the Solid Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan funded by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) following the recommendations of the Technical Committee on Solid Waste Management.  Phase 2 of the AFD-funded Consultancy Study is in line with Government’s vision to move towards a circular economy model in the solid waste sector and with measures announced in the Budget 2020/2021.




4.         Cabinet has agreed to the implementation of the Health Sector Strategic Plan 2020-2024 (HSSP 2020-2024) for the Republic of Mauritius, prepared by the Ministry of Health and Wellness, in collaboration with the World Health Organization and relevant stakeholders.  The HSSP 2020-2024 provides a coherent framework that would guide policymakers, stakeholders and partners, in health development, over the next five years.  A dissemination workshop would be held with participants from the public and private sectors, including NGOs and donor partners in Mauritius and Rodrigues.  A Committee has been set up to work out an Implementation Plan and thereafter, a Monitoring Committee comprising various stakeholders would be constituted to ensure that the Plan is implemented in a timely and cost-effective manner.




5.         Cabinet has taken note of the recommendations of the National Roadmap Framework for Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health launched in January 2020 and which was elaborated with the assistance of the World Health Organization. The implementation of some of the recommendations of the Framework has already been initiated, namely –


            (a)       the preparation of guidelines on maternal, neonatal and child health;


            (b)       the implementation of midwife-led-continuity of care model;


            (c)        the institutionalisation of maternal, neonatal and infant confidential death reviews;


            (d)       the introduction of a maternal child health handbook by November 2020;


            (e)       capacity building for community physicians midwives and other medical and health officers across all regional hospitals;


            (f)        reintroduction of the Baby Friendly Initiative including Kangaroo Care by September 2020; and


           (g)       the setting up of a Sexual and Reproductive Health/Maternal and Child Health Unit in the Ministry of Health and Wellness.




6.         Cabinet has taken note of developments in the implementation of the New Cancer Hospital project at Solferino.  The expected completion date is scheduled for end of June 2021.




7.         Cabinet has taken note of developments in the implementation of the first phase of the construction of the New Teaching Hospital project at Flacq. The new Teaching Hospital would be implemented in two phases –


            (a)       the first phase of the project consists of the construction of a hospital block which comprises a basement, a ground floor and six other floors.  The building would accommodate, inter alia, 570 beds, an ICU of 60 beds and 15 Major and Minor Operating Theatres; and


            (b)       the second phase would, inter alia, consist of the construction of a teaching block for 100 students and an auditorium of a capacity of 500 students.





8.         Cabinet has taken note of the situation regarding the outbreak of COVID-19 in Mauritius.  There is no local positive case since 26 April 2020.  Currently, there is one active imported case being treated at the New ENT Hospital.




9.         Cabinet has taken note that the Attorney General, Minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security would make the Sugar Insurance Fund (Reduced General Insurance Premium) Regulations under the Sugar Insurance Fund Act to exempt sugarcane planters producing up to 60 tons of sugar from the general insurance premium payable to the Sugar Insurance Fund Board (SIFB) for crop 2019. 




10.       Cabinet has taken note that the African Development Bank has provided a COVID-19 Crisis Response Budget Programme of EUR188M to Mauritius on 29 June 2020.  This budget support loan would help bolster Government’s level of preparedness, support the vulnerable groups and the informal sector, finance social protection schemes, reduce job losses as well as strengthen the resilience of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.




11.       Cabinet has agreed to the new Cash Prize Scheme operated under the High-Level Sports Unit of the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Recreation which would be effective as from 1 July 2020.  The new Scheme would comprise the following categories, in order of importance –


            (a)       Group A   -     Olympic/Paralympic/Deaflympic Games and Youth Olympic Games


            (b)       Group B   -     World Championships


            (c)        Group C   -     Commonwealth Games, Francophone Games, Commonwealth Championships, and Youth Commonwealth Games


            (d)       Group D   -     African Games, African Championships, and Youth African Games


            (e)       Group E   -     World Meetings/Series


            Various criteria have been set to determine the level of a sports competition and the quantum of the cash prize payable.  The new Scheme would also reward the coach of the medallist.




12.       Cabinet has agreed to the Minister of Labour, Human Resource Development and Training making Regulations for the extension up to December 2020 of the period of referral of disputes by the Commission of Conciliation and Mediation to the Employment Relations Tribunal regarding the airport services, port services and health and hospital services.






13.       Cabinet has taken note of the actions taken by all stakeholders concerned following the wreck of MV Wakashio on the reef of Pointe d’Esny on 25 July 2020.  As at date, there has been no reported case of an oil spill. The National Oil Spill Contingency Plan Coordination Committee, the NCG and SMF of the Mauritius Police Force are monitoring the wreck and site.  A first tug is already in Mauritius with a salvage team.




 14.       Cabinet has taken note that the Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Recreation had recently participated in the Commonwealth Ministerial Forum on Sport and COVID-19 via video conference.  The Minister made a statement on the progress made with respect to the implementation of the National Sport and Physical Activity Policy prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19, the impact of the pandemic thereon and mitigation measures put in place by the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Recreation in the light of the crisis.






15.       Cabinet has taken note of the appointment of Mr Soonilduth Sookun as Chairperson of the Bus Industry Employees Welfare Fund Board.





16.       Cabinet has taken note of the appointment of Mr Nanda Veerapa as Chairperson of the Wastewater Management Authority Board.





17.       Cabinet has taken note of the reconstitution of the Seafarers’ Welfare Fund Board with Mr Doorjodhanlall Salandy as Chairperson.




18.       Cabinet has taken note of the actions being taken by International Slavery Museum (ISM) Mauritius Ltd regarding the implementation of the International Slavery Museum Project.  The ISM Mauritius Ltd which is chaired by Mr Jean Maxy Simonet, also comprises Dr Jimmy Harmon, Deputy Director/Head of Secondary at Service Diocésain de L’Education Catholique as Director.  Dr Harmon is well versed in historical research.




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