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Cabinet Decisions taken on 06 OCTOBER 2017

Date: October 06, 2017


1.         Cabinet has agreed to the new Policy Framework and Strategy Document on "Inclusive Education for Children with Special Education Needs in Mauritius: Concept to Reality", prepared in the wake of the Nine Year Schooling Reform, and as announced in Budget Speech 2016-2017. The Document, which is in line with the Sustainable Development Goal 4, advocates a shift from the Social Model to a Rights-based model of disability for learners with Special Education Needs.  The Strategy Goals include –
(a)       the setting up of a Research Coordination Committee, comprising representatives of teacher education institutions, institutions of higher learning, hospitals and resource centres, to ensure quality in research, materials, and equipment developed for the purpose; and
(b)       building home-school partnership through appropriate training of parents, empowering and involving parents in the teaching-learning process, and facilitating the creation of congenial environment for learning in schools/colleges/institutions and at home.
2.         Cabinet has taken note that, since January 2015 to date, –
            (a)       some 1,063 housing units have been constructed; 827 allocated to eligible beneficiaries; 236 would be allocated shortly; and some 1,520 are under construction; and
            (b)       4,184 eligible families have benefitted from the grant for the casting of roof slab and the purchase of building materials schemes.
3.         Cabinet has taken note that Divali would be celebrated at national level on 20 October 2017 on the football ground of Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka.  The celebrations would include -
(a)       a concert with the participation of international and local artists;
(b)       a presentation of the “Essence of Divali” through a stage play;
(c)        a culinary festival; and
(d)       a rangoli demonstration.
Cabinet has also taken note that the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority would organise an international Divali Mela from 12 to 15 October 2017.  In this context,  concerts would be held at Chemin Grenier and Rose Hill on 12 and 13 October 2017, respectively, and a national concert at Anjalay Stadium on 15 October 2017. Bollywood celebrities, namely, Amit Gupta, Shibani Kashyap and Amit Tiwari, would perform in the events.
4.         Cabinet has agreed to the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities signing a Memorandum of Understanding on collaboration in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency with the Government of France and the Conseil Régional de la Réunion.  The Memorandum of Understanding provides, inter alia, for –
(a)       capacity building in the installation of solar PV kits, and the evaluation of  energy efficiency projects;
(b)       technical assistance for the development of a policy on  bioelectricity, and an Energy Observatory; and
(c)        the monitoring of feasibility studies on renewable energy projects.
5.         Cabinet has taken note that –
(a)       Mr Dheerujlall B. Seetulsingh, Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission, has been elected to the UN Human Rights Council Advisory Committee; and
(b)       Dr Manoj Nardeosingh has been re-elected Assistant Secretary General of the African-Asian Rural Development Organisation.
6.         Cabinet has taken note of development in the implementation of the Public Sector Business Transformation Strategy, that include -
(a)       the re-engineering of the Cabinet Secretariat;
(b)       the setting up of the Public Sector Business Transformation Bureau to be the main catalyst of Government’s transformation agenda; and
(c)        the restructuring of the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms.
7.         Cabinet has taken note that, following a joint initiative of the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare and the United Nations Development Programme, Mrs Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand, would deliver a lecture on gender equality on 06 November 2017 at Cyber Tower I, Ebène. 
8.         Cabinet has taken note that the Rodrigues Regional Assembly would establish a Rehabilitation Youth Centre to accommodate male juveniles.  The Minister Mentor, Minister for Rodrigues would promulgate the Reform Institutions (Premises) (Amendment) Regulations accordingly.

9.         Cabinet has taken note of the school calendar for the Primary and Secondary Education Sectors for the Academic Year 2018, which is as follows –
                                              Primary                                         Secondary
            1st Term         Monday 08 January                      Monday 08 January
                                    to Friday 30 March                         to Friday 30 March
            2nd Term       Monday 16 April                             Monday 16 April
                                    to Friday 13 July                             to Friday 13 July
            3rd Term        Monday 13 August                        Monday 06 August
                                    to Thursday 01 November            to Friday 26 October
Admission to Grades 1 and 7 would be held on 08 January 2018.
10.       Cabinet has taken note that, on the occasion of the World Food Day commemorated on 16 October 2017, the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security would organise, among others, -
(a)       an agricultural fair at Domaine Les Pailles;
(b)       exhibitions on the history and the evolution of the sugar and the crop sectors; and
            (c)        sale and exhibition of agricultural machinery.
The theme chosen for the World Food Day 2017 by the Food and Agriculture Organization is Change the future of migration.  Invest in food security and rural development”.
            In the context of the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of Independence of Mauritius, the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security would also organise -
            (a)       mini agri-tech fairs and exhibitions at regional levels;
(b)       open days at the Mauritius Cane Industry Authority, and experimental farms of the Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute;
            (c)        talks and conferences on the agricultural sector; and
(d)       trails and nature walks in national parks during the period November 2017 to February 2018.

11.       Cabinet has taken note that the 4th General Assembly on Animal Genetic Resources in the SADC Region would be held in Mauritius from 9 to 12 October 2017.  The objectives of the General Assembly are to –
(a)       formulate joint interventions for the conservation and sustainable utilization of Animal Genetic Resources in South Africa;
(b)       discuss and agree on ways to fast-track the implementation of supported   initiatives, especially those on transboundary breeds; and
(c)        validate the report on the Regional Regulatory Framework for the Exchange, Use and Conservation of Animal Genetic Resources in Southern Africa.
12.       Cabinet has taken note that, in the wake of the outbreak of plague in Madagascar, the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life has reinforced control at SSR International Airport and the Port, and increased surveillance of passengers. The public is advised to travel to Madagascar only when necessary.

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