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Cabinet Decisions taken on 12 JANUARY 2018

Date: January 12, 2018


1.         Cabinet has agreed to Mauritius acceding to the Agreement establishing the International Anti-Corruption Academy, an international organisation based in Austria, which promotes effective and efficient prevention and combating of corruption by –
(a)       providing anti-corruption education and professional training;
(b)       undertaking and facilitating research into all aspects of corruption;
(c)        providing other relevant forms of technical assistance in the fight against corruption; and
(d)       fostering international cooperation and networking in the fight against corruption.
2.         Cabinet has taken note of the setting up of a Ministerial Committee under the chairmanship of the Hon Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, Prime Minister to look into projects relating to the construction of marinas around the island.
3.         Cabinet has taken note of the setting up of a Technical Committee under the chairmanship of the Secretary to Cabinet and Head of the Civil Service to streamline administrative procedures and issue of permits as well as eliminate duplications at the level of Ministries/Departments to facilitate business and in order to maintain our competiveness at the international level. 
4.         Cabinet has taken note that a National Road Safety Campaign would be organised in collaboration with the various stakeholders from 22 to 28 January 2018.  The theme of the Campaign will be “Ensam Pa Laisse Koltar Touy Nou Fami”.  The Campaign would be officially launched on 17 January 2018 with a Wheel Chair Rally of physically handicapped victims of road accidents.  The activities would include -
(a)       nationwide Zero-Tolerance operations by the Police including vehicle checks, alcotests and road blocks;
(b)       launching of a Defensive Protocol of Behaviour on Roads; and
(c)        mass messaging on road safety through mobile applications to target the population at large and also dissemination of specific messages to school students during morning assemblies.
5.         Cabinet has agreed to the implementation of the project for the construction of a new pumping station at Plaine Lauzun, with higher capacity at an estimated cost of Rs94.8M.  The construction of the new pumping station is expected to be completed by November 2018.
6.         Cabinet has agreed to the implementation of the following two projects in the context of the Metro Express Project, namely –
(a)       the landscaping of a new green space/leisure park at Ebène as the Promenade Roland Armand will be considerably reduced; and
(b)       the setting up of a new sports complex at Barkly comprising a mini soccer pitch, a volleyball pitch, a basketball pitch, a boulodrome and a children’s playground.
7.         Cabinet has taken note of the status of the Liquefied Natural Gas project.  A consultant has been appointed to carry out a full feasibility study on the adoption of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).  The study will be carried out to assess the technical, economic and financial feasibility of shifting to LNG, as well as the Environmental and Social Impact.  The study would establish a long term strategy and examine the use of LNG for electricity generation as well as look into possibilities of bunkering and use of LNG for industrial, transport and domestic purposes.
8.         Cabinet has taken note of the implementation of four schemes for SMEs, in line with the Key Actions recommended in the 10-Year Master Plan for the SME Sector, namely -
(a)       to provide financial assistance to SMEs with the objective to encouraging and motivating them to use barcodes for their products;
(b)       to encourage leading SMEs, through a SME Partnership Programme, to integrate other Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises into their supply and value chain;
(c)        to strengthen the start-ups by providing management, technical and other support through a SME Mentoring Programme; and
(d)       to provide assistance to SMEs in developing and implementing the various tools and means for online presence and marketing through a SME Grant for Web Design and Development.
9.         Cabinet has agreed to the abolition of the Bakery Licence issued by the Commerce Division of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection, in line with the Government’s objective to facilitate business. Instead, operators of bakeries would use the Trade Licence issued by local authorities. The Bread (Control of Manufacture and Sale) Regulations would be amended accordingly.
10.       Cabinet has taken note that a Multi Purpose Support Vessel would be procured with assistance from the Government of Australia, for use by the Fisheries Extension and Training Centre, the Mauritius Oceanography Institute and the Mauritius Maritime Training Academy.
11.       Cabinet has taken note of the launching of activities of the ‘WHO Methodology for Point Prevalence Survey on Antibiotic Consumption and Antibiotic Use in hospitals’ from 15 to 18 January 2018, with the assistance of the World Health Organisation.  In order to compile data on anti-microbial resistance, the WHO will provide the services of a Consultant to assist in the Survey and will extend necessary support for training to monitor anti-microbial consumption.
12.       Cabinet has taken note that a Workshop on New Plant Breeding Methods for Sustainable Use of Genetic Resources and Security of Food Production would be organised by the University of Mauritius, in collaboration with the University of Western Australia, from 29 to 31 January 2018.  The objectives of the Workshop are to –
(a)          review the existing plant breeding methodologies and evaluate new ones;
(b)          identify barriers to the successful adoption of the new plant breeding methodologies; and
(c)          facilitate capacity building of local and regional scientists and research students in quantitative genetics and breeding.
            Participants from the United Kingdom, Australia, Kenya, Uganda and Mauritius are expected to attend the Workshop.
13.       Cabinet has taken note of the damage caused to the food crop sector following the recent persistent and heavy rainfall.  The Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security is working on the measures to assist affected farmers to enable them to relaunch their activities.
14.       Cabinet has taken note that, according to the last monthly report published by the Statistics Unit of the Ministry of Tourism, 155,615 tourists visited Mauritius in December 2017 as compared to 148,134 in December 2016, i.e., an increase of 5.1%.  Tourist arrivals reached 1,341,860 for the period January to December 2017 as compared to 1,275,227 during the same period in 2016, i.e., an overall increase of 5.2%.
15.       Cabinet has taken note of the reconstitution of –
            (a)       the Board of Directors of the National Empowerment Foundation; and
            (b)       the Board of the National Children's Council with Mr Mouazam Murtuza as Chairperson.

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