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National Drug Control Master Plan to be launched in September

Date: August 23, 2019


GIS – 23 August, 2019: The National Drug Control Master Plan will be launched in September 2019, announced, yesterday, the Minister of Health and Quality of Life, Dr Anwar Husnoo, following a meeting of the High-Level Drugs and HIV Council, held at the New Treasury Building, in Port Louis.
The High-Level Drugs and HIV Council meeting was chaired by the Prime Minister, Minister of Home Affairs, External Communications and National Development Unit, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth.  Various Ministers, representatives of several Ministries and Non-Governmental Organisations such as the Prévention Information et Lutte contre le Sida, law enforcement officers, as well as representatives of the private sector, were present.
In a statement after the meeting, Minister Husnoo underlined that the recommendations of the National Drug Control Master Plan were at the fore of discussions. The setting up of the High-Level Drugs and HIV Council, namely its organigram and structure, was also discussed during the meeting, he pointed out.
Moreover, Dr Husnoo, underlined that the Prime Minister took stock of the progress made as regards the prevailing situation concerning Aids and Drugs in Mauritius. ‘We also took note of the challenges, gaps and areas of improvement to better address the situation’, he said.
The Minister indicated that representatives of the National Aids Secretariat, operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life; and the National Drug Secretariat, operating under the Ministry of Defence and Ministry for Rodrigues, along with representatives of Non-Governmental Organisations, provided valuable input on the prevailing situation of Drugs and HIV in Mauritius.
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