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State Visit
Mauritian and Indian Prime Ministers hold joint Press Conference in New Delhi
The Honourable Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, Prime Minister of the Republic of Mauritius, and the Honourable Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of the Republic of India, held a joint press conference today, 27 May 2017, at the Hyderabad House, in New Delhi.
The Prime Ministers of Mauritius and India had the opportunity to discuss bilateral cooperation for infrastructure development, major ongoing projects and other issues of mutual interest.
The Prime Minister stated that the Government of India has offered the Government of Mauritius a line of credit of USD 500 Million to assist Mauritius in the implementation of priority projects.
Pravind Kumar Jugnauth mentioned that these projects are in line with the vision of the Government to make Mauritius a country that is well integrated in the global economy, ready to take on the challenges and seize the opportunities of our time, and is able to cater to the needs and aspirations of its people.
The Prime Minister also had the pleasure of informing the Indian authorities of the progress made during the past months in the implementation of the Metro Express Project.
Pravind Kumar Jugnauth stated that one of the pillars of the close cooperation between Mauritius and India is the ocean that binds the two countries. He reminded that Mauritius has one of the most extensive expanses of ocean, over which the country exercises certain rights.
He, however, emphasized the need to ensure that our sea lanes are safe and secure and that regular patrolling is conducted to combat illegal activities such as piracy, illegal fishing in our territorial waters and trafficking.  The Prime Minister explained that Mauritius and India have, accordingly, developed a strong bilateral cooperation in the field of defence and security.
The Prime Minister of Mauritius also stated he has taken the opportunity of his visit to India to sign with the Indian authorities, agreements relating to:
(a)     Long term collaboration in education, training and research in various sciences and technology between the Mauritius Oceanography Institute and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India–National Institute of India;
(b)     The setting up of a Civil Service College in Mauritius to enhance the efficiency of our civil servants;
(c)     The International Solar Alliance Agreement, which is in line with a personal initiative of Honourable Narendra Modi along with the former President of France, Mr François Hollande, to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and;
(d)     The construction of a new runway and a jetty in Agalega, which will enhance the economic development of the Island.
Pravind Kumar Jugnauth also expressed his deepest appreciation and gratitude to the Government of India for its continued support to Mauritius in the pursuit of our legitimate right to exercising sovereignty over the Chagos Archipelago. Both Mauritius and India agree that there can be no compromise when it comes to sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Likewise, the Prime Minister reiterated to the Honourable Prime Minister of India the unwavering support of Mauritius to India’s legitimate aspiration to permanent membership at the UN Security Council.
The Prime Minister also expressed his heartfelt appreciation and thanks to Shri Narendra Modi, the Indian government, officials and all those who have left no stone unturned to prepare his visit to India.
Speaking at the joint press conference, the Honourable Narendra Modi described his meeting with the Mauritian Prime Minister as warm and productive and stressed that this State visit reflected the depth of the ties between the two nations.
He reiterated the full support of the Government of India in respect of the implementation of major projects undertaken by the Government of Mauritius.
The Indian Prime Minister also expressed his appreciation with regard to the leadership demonstrated by Pravind Kumar Jugnauth on the important issue of renewable energy.