​29 September 2017 ​Request for Proposals from local and International individual Consultants to submit proposals to enter into framework agreements for Consultancy Services under the Expert Skills Scheme for:​
1.    Project Control Consultants for Electrical Works (Procurement ref: PMO/17-18/Q20/RFP)​
2.​    Project Control Consultants for Civil Works (Procurement ref: PMO/17-18/Q21/RFP)​
3.​    Architects (Procurement ref: PMO/17-18/Q22/RFP)​
4.​    Quantity Surveyors (Procurement ref: PMO/17-18/Q23/RFP)​
5.​    Civil Engineers (Procurement ref: PMO/17-18/Q24/RFP)​
6.​    Mechanical Engineers (Procurement ref: PMO/17-18/Q25/RFP)​
7.​    Electrical Engineers (Procurement ref: PMO/17-18/Q26/RFP)​
25 August 2017​ Renting Of Space With Amenities For Storage Accommodation – Reference No.: PMO/17-18/Q14/OAB​
22 May 2017​ Award of Procurement Contract & Executive Summary of Bid Evaluation Report - for Global Consultancy Services for the Proposed New Building for Government Printing Department​
27 April 2017​ Global Consultancy Services for the Proposed New Building for Forensic Science Laboratory at La Vigie – Reference No.: PMO/2016-17/Q57/RFP
14 April 2017​ Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Chillers at New Treasury Building, Prime Minister’s Office, Port Louis - PMO/2016-7/Q31/OAB​​
13 April 2017​ Supply and Commissioning of Vehicles for The Prime Minister’s Office - PMO/2016-17/Q39/OAB​