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Prime Minister's Office>Cabinet Decisions taken on 16 April 1999

Cabinet Decisions taken on 16 April 1999

1. Cabinet examined the situation prevailing in Rodrigues following an accident yesterday which led to the death of Mrs Marina L’Eveque and in which an SMF van was involved. The Cabinet noted that the SMF constable who was driving the van has been put under arrest, and an enquiry is proceeding with a view to taking disciplinary action. The situation has returned back to normal since yesterday evening and as a precautionary measure, police reinforcement has been despatched to Rodrigues.
2. Cabinet has considered the Report of Commission of Inquiry by Honourable Yeung Sik Yeun, Senior Puisne Judge and has decided that it be released to the public.
3. Cabinet has considered a report prepared by the Electoral Commissioner’s Office regarding the proposed delimitation of Rodrigues into six wards to cater for local Government election to be held there, with a view to establishing a Rodrigues Island Council.
4. Cabinet has agreed to the introduction into the National Assembly of the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC) Bill. The object of the Bill is to provide for the establishment and management of a NPCC to stimulate and generate productivity and quality consciousness, drive the productivity and quality movements in all sectors of the economy and enhance the country’s international competitiveness.
5. Cabinet has agreed to the Ministry of Environment, Human Resource Development & Employment bringing necessary amendments to the Environment Protection Act which will aim at, amongst others, making the EIA procedures more efficient and effective and less complicated and at the same time ensuring a better protection of the environment.
6. Cabinet approved a list of Deprived Areas, comprising some 500 depressed localities across the country. Projects to upgrade these areas will be submitted for financing under the European Development Fund Programme. This list will be used for targeting assistance to the needy through the various programmes such as the Poverty Alleviation Programme and the Marshall Plan.
7. Cabinet was further apprised of the developments in the implementation of the Poverty Alleviation Programme through Micro-projects with the funding assistance of the European Union. Two consultants would be recruited to complete the Pre-Identification Study on Poverty Alleviation. The Programme would be operational as from June 1999. For this purpose, a Project Management Unit will be set up at the Ministry of Economic Development, Productivity and Regional Development for the implementation of micro-projects.
8. Cabinet has also taken note of the intention of the Ministry of Arts and Culture to set up Drama clubs in primary schools in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research with the objectives of providing equal opportunities to every student at a very young age to participate in drama activities and develop, inter alia, hidden talents and artistic creativity as part of extra-curricular activities.
9. Cabinet has been apprised of the different scholarship schemes available for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The Millenium Scholarship Trust Fund which has been announced in the 1998/99 budget and which is meant to fund scholarships as from the year 2000 onwards is being finalised.
10. Cabinet has agreed to the Ministry of Women, Family Welfare and Child Development joining the Microcredit Council which forms part of the Microcredit Summit Campaign based in USA. One of the objectives of the campaign is to reach the poorest families by granting them easy access to credit for funding their projects.
11. Cabinet has taken note of the proposal of the Ministry of Arts and Culture to set up a Permanent Committee comprising members of the Private Sector to seek their collaboration and participation in proposed artistic and cultural activities and projects of the Ministry.
12. Cabinet has taken note that a delegation of senior officials of the National Social Security Fund of Tanzania would visit Mauritius for about 7 days as from 12 April 1999, for a study tour to learn about our Employment Injury Benefits Systems.
13. Cabinet has taken note of the outcome of participation of the Minister of Economic Development, Productivity & Regional Development in the Joint Public\Private Sector Mission to Zanzibar from 2 to 6 April 1999.
14. Government has taken note of the appointment of Deputy Chairmen and members to constitute the Board of Film Censors. The Chairman of the Board of Film Censors is Mr Palmesh Cuttaree.