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Prime Minister's Office>Cabinet Decisions taken on 28 April 2000

Cabinet Decisions taken on 28 April 2000

With a view to facilitating the flow of passengers and streamlining procedures, Cabinet has agreed to the Embarkation/Disembarkation Card being amended so that in future incoming passengers will need to fill in a single form.
This measure will be applicable as from 15 of May, 2000.
2. Cabinet has taken note of the proposal of the Minister of Land Transport, Shipping and Port Development to make the following Regulations under the Merchant Shipping Act –
(i) Merchant Shipping (Safety of Fishing Vessels) Regulations; and
(ii) Merchant Shipping (Safety of Bank Fishing Dories) Regulations;
The main objectives of the proposed Regulations are to strengthen the seaworthiness of both fishing vessels and small boats engaged in bank fishing operations, safety of crew and fishermen, as well as the prevention of accidents and marine pollution.
3. Cabinet has approved the grant of the following Industrial Investment Certificates under the Industrial Expansion Act, 1993:
(i) 3 Export Enterprise Certificates;
(ii) 1 Pioneer Status Enterprise Certificate; and
(iii) 1 Industrial Building Enterprise Certificate;
The implementation of the five (5) projects would create some 117 job opportunities and would entail investment amounting to around Rs 109 million.
4. Cabinet has taken note of the status of the Rural Diversification Programme (RDP) financed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). The RDP which targets smallholder cane planters, artisanal fishermen, labourers and the planting community aims at raising rural employment, income generation and food production in line with the Government’s policy to alleviate poverty in the rural areas. Particular emphasis will be given to the employment of women across the various components of the Programme which covers both the island of Mauritius and Rodrigues.
5. Cabinet has taken note of achievements of the Regional Project "Training of Trainers for Reproductive Health". The project, aims at training participants from the African region in Reproductive Health with special emphasis on Family Planning. 14 courses have been held over the period 1996 to 1999 and 264 participants trained. The Tripartite Review Meeting under the Chairmanship of the Ministry of Economic Development, Productivity & Regional Development has recommended that the activities of the programme be extended up to December 2000 during which two additional courses will be held.
6. Cabinet has taken note of the proposal of the Minister of Education & Scientific Research to rename the "Institut Polytechnique de Rose Hill" as the "Institut Superieur de Technologie".
7. Cabinet has taken note of the issues at stake in the new round of negotiations on Trade in Services currently taking place at the WTO in Geneva and has agreed to the proposals of the Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Trade for evolving a Mauritian position. It is recalled that so far as Trade in Services is concerned, Mauritius has already made commitments in the following three sectors – Financial Services, Tourism and Telecommunications.
8. Cabinet has taken note of the outcome of -
(i) the XIII Ministerial Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement held in Cartagena, Columbia on 8 and 9 April 2000. The Mauritius delegation was led by the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Trade;
(ii) the mission of the Minister of Industry, Commerce, Corporate Affairs and Financial Services to UK from 17 to 21 April, at the invitation of the British Government; and
(iii) The 3rd Annual Microsoft Government Leaders’ Conference held in Seattle, Washington, USA from 3 to 5 April. The delegation was led by the Minister of Telecommunications & Information Technology