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Prime Minister's Office>Cabinet Decisions taken on 3 November 2000

Cabinet Decisions taken on 3 November 2000

1.Cabinet has agreed to the Ministry of Environment embarking on a series of projects for upgrading the living environment at NHDC housing complexes. Furthermore the National Housing Development Corporation would be invited to include a landscaping component in the design of its future housing estate projects.
2.Cabinet has agreed to the introduction into the National Assembly of the Islamic Cultural Centre Trust Fund (Amendment) Bill. The Bill provides for the facilitation, monitoring and supervision of the organisation of Hadj pilgrimage by the Islamic Cultural Centre.
3.Cabinet has agreed to the Central Tender Board Act being revisited to make it, as far as possible, compatible with international norms and practices, while ensuring independence and accountability.
4.Cabinet has agreed to a proposal of the Ministry of Environment to prepare a new Environment Protection Bill, in the light of the National Environment Strategies report for Mauritius.
5.Cabinet has taken cognizance of the Report of the Ad Hoc Committee instituted to look into alleged anomalies arising out of the PRB Report 1998 and agreed to its release and implementation.
6.Cabinet has taken note of the setting up of a National Co-ordinating Committee to look into the activities to be organised in the context of the African Decade of Disabled Persons (2000-2009) proclaimed by the Organisation of African Unity for the upliftment of people with disabilities.
7.Cabinet has been apprised of a project by the Ministry of Environment to cover partly Le Pouce Stream in Port Louis and has agreed to its implementation, along with the upliftment of the "Jardin de la Compagnie". The additional space created would be used as a "promenade" and for other leisure activities.
8.Cabinet has taken note of the constitution of the Board of Management of the Board Investment with Dr. P. Nababsing as Chairman.
9.Cabinet has taken note of the reconstitution of -
(i) the Sugar Insurance Fund Board with Professor J. Manrakhan as Chairman;
(ii) the Board of Management of the Public Officers' Welfare Council with Mr. D.P. Ruhee, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Civil Service Affairs and Administrative Reforms as Chairman;
(iii) the Industrial Relations Commission with Mr Gyandev Gunnoo as Chairman; and
(iv) the National Computer Board with Mr S. Munbodh as Chairman.
10.Cabinet has taken note of the outcome of the following overseas missions:-
(i) the Lobbying Mission led by the Minister of Agriculture, Food Technology and Natural Resources in Europe from 22 to 31 October to safeguard the interests of Mauritius under the long-term partnership Agreement signed in Cotonou in June 2000 (Cotonou Agreement) between the European Union and ACP countries;
(ii) Second International Pension Reform Summit held from 25 to 27 October in London. The Mauritian delegation was led by the Minister of Social Security, National Solidarity & Senior Citizen Welfare and Reform Institutions; and
(iii) the Inaugural Session of the Mauritius-Zambia Joint Permanent Commission of Co-operation (JPCC) held in Lusaka, Zambia on 27 and 28 October, 2000. The Mauritian Delegation was led by Hon. K.C. Khushiram, Minister of Economic Development, Financial Services and Corporate Affairs. The delegation had extensive discussions on ways of promoting economic, scientific, technical and cultural corporation for mutual benefit. A Joint Government/Private sector investors' delegation to Zambia is envisaged early next year.