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Prime Minister's Office>Cabinet Decisions taken on 29 January 2002

Cabinet Decisions taken on 29 January 2002

Cabinet met this morning under the Chairmanship of the Rt Hon. Sir Anerood Jugnauth, Prime Minister and has agreed to the following Bills being introduced into the National Assembly at its sitting on 4 February 2002 -
(a) The Prevention of Terrorism Bill which aims at empowering our legal system to adequately deal with terrorism. The Bill inter alia contains provisions for the prevention, suppression and combatting of terrorism and new offences relating to terrorism generally;
(b) The Prevention of Terrorism (Denial of Bail) Bill which specifies the offences under the Protection of Terrorism Act 2002 in relation to which an arrested person or detained person will not be admitted to bail in certain circumstances;
(c) the Constitution of Mauritius (Amendment) Bill which provides for the denial of bail to suspected terrorists in specific circumstances, and enables the Police to detain any suspected terrorist for a limited period during which the suspect will have no access to any person;
(d) The Prevention of Corruption Bill which aims at strengthening the laws on corruption and fraud by the creation of an Independent Commission Against Corruption which will have the power to detect and investigate corruption and money laundering offences. New corruption offences have been introduced to combat the scourge of corruption and provision has also been made to restrain and forfeit the proceeds of corruption and money laundering; and
(e) The Financial Intelligence and Anti-Money Laundering Bill which restates the provisions relating to money laundering and provides for the establishment of a Financial Intelligence Unit and of a Review Committee to review the activities of the Unit.