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Prime Minister's Office>Cabinet Decisions taken on 19 August 2005

Cabinet Decisions taken on 19 August 2005

1. Cabinet has taken note that La Citadelle would be rehabilitated and restored to its original historical cachet and the atmosphere "d'antan" recreated. The Citadelle would be developed into a more lively and attractive site through the display of models, archival materials, replicas, etc.; and would be promoted as a new tourist attraction reflecting the authentic image of Mauritius.
2. Cabinet has agreed to section 172 of the Criminal Code being amended to provide for harsher penalties to persons convicted of harbouring criminals.
3. Cabinet has agreed to the Public Transport (Buses) Workers (Remuneration Order) Regulations 1988 being amended to review the issue of "Work on Public Holiday other than a Sunday" for employees of the Traffic, Maintenance and Workshop Sections of the Bus Industry as recommended by the National Remuneration Board.
4. Cabinet has agreed to the introduction into the National Assembly of the Occupational Safety and Health Bill which purports to repeal and replace the Occupational Safety, Health and Welfare Act by a modern legislation. The aims of the Bill are inter alia to –
(i) reinforce, consolidate and update the legislation on safety and health at work in order to adapt it to the changes in the working conditions of employees brought about by the introduction of new technologies and new equipment; (ii) make provision for the protection of employees against new hazards at workplace arising out of an increase in work-related diseases and occupational diseases caused by the use of chemicals and hazardous substances; and
(iii) widen the scope of the existing law to extend it to the public service as well as para-statal organizations.
5. Cabinet has agreed to the Consumer Protection (Control of Imports) Regulations 1999 being amended to prohibit the importation of confectionery containing additives derived from seaweed and certain gums, such as jelly minicups and minicapsules.
6. Cabinet has agreed to the award by Government of a cash prize to Mr Stephan Buckland for his outstanding performance at the World Athletic Championship held in Helsinki, Finland, from 6 to 14 August 2005 and where he reached the finals at the 200m race.
7. Cabinet has taken note of the setting up of a Committee to look into and make recommendations on the setting up of "Instituts de Formation et d'Education Tertiaire (IFETS)" with a view to providing wider training opportunities to students at post-School Certificate level and those from pre-vocational stream having completed the National Trade Certificate Foundation Course.
8. Cabinet has taken note of measures taken to further empower women entrepreneurs, registered with the National Women Entrepreneurs Council (NWEC). These measures include –
(i) the setting up of a Special Counseling Desk at the NWEC to provide advice relating to technical and financial matters to women entrepreneurs;
(ii) the setting up of a Resource Centre to assist women entrepreneurs in terms of production of catalogues, pamphlets and visiting cards; (iii) only one personal guarantor instead of two would henceforth be requested by the Mauritius Post and Cooperative Bank Ltd for a loan amounting up to Rs50,000. Further, the working capital financing for project cost below Rs 200,000 would be 100% instead of 75% as was the case previously; and
(iv) the Ministry of Women's Rights, Child Development, Family Welfare & Consumer Protection will organize a forum with the women entrepreneurs registered with the NWEC on 25 August 2005 at Octave Wiehé Auditorium to inform them about existing facilities and new avenues for entrepreneurship development in fields, such as serigraphy, 'table d'hote' and catering.
9. Cabinet has taken note of the organization by the National Computer Board of Infotech 2005 from 10 to 13 November. The objectives for this year's event are inter alia to –
(i) create awareness on and spread emerging technologies;
(ii) sensitize the public on the potential applications of ICT and the choice of technology for effective business and individual solutions; (iii) demonstrate and promote local expertise, know-how and export potential; and
(iv) sensitize on career opportunities in the ICT Sector.
10. Cabinet has taken note of the Stamp Issue Programme for 2006. The themes selected are the Bicentenary of Mahebourg, Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal, Ecology, Non-Marine Crabs and Traditional Games. The next series of stamps on "Stone Buildings" would be launched on 09 October 2005 to mark the World Post Day.
11. In the context of the regionalization of 'formation' for Football, Cabinet has taken note that the Mauritius Football Association proposes to set up four Regional Training Centres at Anjalay Stadium at Belle Vue, Agusute Volaire Stadium at Flacq, Germain Commarmond Stadium at Bambous and Rose Belle Stadium to enable a greater number of players around the country to benefit from 'formation'.
12. Cabinet has taken note of the programme of activities to be organized by the Nelson Mandela Centre for African Culture to commemorate the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition on 23 August 2005.
13. Cabinet has taken note that a delegation led by the Minister of Public Utilities and comprising the Chairman of the Islamic Cultural Centre Trust Fund Board will proceed to Saudi Arabia to meet the Minister of Hadj to discuss, inter alia
(i) quota for Mauritian pilgrims;
(ii) issue of visas to Mauritian pilgrims;
(iii) accommodation and health requirements; and
(iv) internal transport in Saudi Arabia.