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Cabinet Decisions 02 December 2011

1. Cabinet has taken note of the status in the implementation of the recommendations made by Professor David Owens, Director of the Diabetes Research Unit at the Llandough Hospital in Cardiff, Wales, UK, and Special Adviser to the Prime Minister, to support the implementation of the National Service Framework on Diabetes, namely the setting up of the Retinopathy Screening Service, the Foot Care Clinic and the National Diabetes Register, and capacity building to equip the medical and paramedical staff to enable them to provide better care to persons with diabetes.

2. Cabinet has agreed to the introduction into the National Assembly of the Finance (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill and the Economic and Financial Measures (Miscellaneous Provisions) (No. 2) Bill which provide for the implementation of measures announced in Budget Speech 2012 relating to taxation and national finance, and economic and financial matters.

3. Cabinet has taken note of the programme of activities that would be organised by the Ministry of Tourism and Leisure from 7 to 11 December 2011 to mark the Festival International Kreol, viz.,-
(a) a Soiree Legende du Sega;
(b) a Fet Zenfan, an activity for children aged between 6 and 12 years comprising, amongst others, fun games, jeux d’antan and a mini concert;
(c) a conference on the theme Kreolite Valer ek Vizion with the participation of Mr Michel Savy of the Seychelles, Mrs Marie Noëlle Elisac of WIN Association and Father Fanchette of the Nelson Mandela Centre for African Culture; and
(d) a mega concert with the participation of international and local artists, and a Salon Cuisine Kreol.
The theme chosen for this year’s edition is Kiltir kreol nou fierte.

4. Cabinet has taken note of the status in the implementation of development projects being carried out in various regions of the country by the local authorities, namely resurfacing of roads, amongst others, at Moka, Verdun, L’Agrément, Camp Thorel, La Laura, Quartier Militaire, Bon Accueil, Brisée Verdière; construction of drains at La Caverne, Glen Park, Solferino; tarring of the Health Track at Le Pouce; construction of a retaining wall at Bambous Virieux and Old Grand Port; fencing of recreational space at Plein Bois; provision of equipment at the children’s garden at Plaine Magnien and extension of street lightings in Quatre Bornes.

5. Cabinet has taken note that, following the visit of the Prime Minister to Botswana, a Business Council co-chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade and the Minister of Trade and Industry of Botswana and comprising members of the public and the private sectors has been set up. The Business Council would facilitate growth of trade, and investment in the fields of Information and Communication Technology, Financial Services, Air Services, Freeport, Diamond Industry, Health Services, amongst others, and play an important role in retaining and expanding businesses and industries in both countries.

6. Cabinet has agreed to the Vacoas State Secondary School (Girls) being renamed after late Mr Seewa Bappoo, OBE, in recognition to his contribution in the political, social and cultural fields. Late Mr Bappoo was a member of the Legislative Council from 1963 to 1976. He was Parliamentary Secretary at the then Ministry of Fisheries from 1974 to 1976. He also attended the Constitutional Talks in London in 1965 and took part in the Conference on Middle East boundaries in 1973. He passed away on 3 March 1992 at the age of 81.

7. Cabinet has taken note of the outcome of the recent mission of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade to India where he participated in the 11th Session of the Council of Ministers of the Indian Ocean Rim-Association for Regional Cooperation (IOR-ARC). The following issues, amongst others, were discussed -
(a) Maritime security and capacity building in preparedness to tackle the consequences of disasters;
(b) Development of fisheries and marine resources;
(c) Development and promotion of a preferential trading arrangement;
(d) Deepening cooperation in science and technology; and
(e) Promotion in intra-IOR-ARC tourism and cultural exchanges.
In the margins of the Meeting, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade had bilateral talks with HE Mr S. M. Krishna, Minister of Foreign Affairs of India and HE Mr K. Rudd, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia.

8. Cabinet has taken note of progress in the preparation of a new Copyright Bill, which would replace the Copyright Act and cater for the new and emerging technologies in the creative sector. The new Bill would incorporate the provisions of the World Intellectual Property Organisation Copyright Treaty and the World Intellectual Property Organisation Performances and Phonograms Treaty, and extend the scope of copyrights to Mauritian authors and publishers.

9. Cabinet has taken note of the reconstitution of -
(a) the Fashion and Design Institute Board with Mr Sunilduth Beerbul as Chairperson;
(b) the Residential Care Homes Board with the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions as Chairperson; and
(c) the Board of Trustees of La Clinique Mauricienne for the Year 2012.

10. Cabinet has taken note of the following appointments -
(a) Dr Moussa E. Allybokus as General Manager of the Wastewater Management Authority; and
(b) Mr Nanda Kistnen as Commissioner for the Protection of Borrowers.