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Cabinet Decisions 28 October 2011

1. Cabinet has agreed to the introduction into the National Assembly of the Additional Remuneration (2012) Bill which provides for the payment, with effect from 1 January 2012, of an additional remuneration to employees of the private sector drawing a monthly basic wage or salary of Rs30,000 or less. Additional Remuneration will be paid as follows –
(a) Full-time Employees

Monthly Basic Wage or Salary Additional Remuneration per month
Up to Rs5,000 Rs330
Above Rs5,000 up to Rs7,000 6.6% rounded up to the next rupee up to a
maximum of Rs460
Above Rs7,000 up to Rs30,000 Rs460

(b) Part-time Employees

Monthly Basic Wage or Salary Additional Remuneration per month
Up to Rs7,000 6.6% rounded up to the next rupee up to a
maximum of Rs460
Above Rs7,000 up to Rs30,000 Rs460

2. Cabinet has taken note of activities that would be organized by the Ministry of Arts and Culture and the Aapravasi Ghat Trust Fund on 2 November 2011 to commemorate the 177th Anniversary of the Arrival of Indentured Labourers in Mauritius, namely wreath laying, multifaith prayer, launching of an e-book, award of prize to winner of Young Historian for research on Indentured labour and a cultural programme on the theme “Our Heritage Our Pride”.

3. Cabinet has taken note that, in line with the recommendations of the International Advisory Committee for the implementation of the National Service Framework for Diabetes, the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life would conduct the Mauritius Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Study. The objectives of the Study are to evaluate the efficacy of diet and physical activity management in preventing or delaying the development of Type 2 diabetes in high-risk people and to assess the effects of those intervention programmes on cardiovascular risk factors. The Study, which would be carried out in 23 localities around the country, will target about 2000 persons who are between 25 and 74 years old, who have been found to have Impaired Glucose Tolerance and/or Impaired Fasting Glucose and who are considered to be in a pre-diabetic condition.

4. Cabinet has taken note that the portal technology and infrastructure of the Government Online Centre would be replaced by a new technology with a view to improving productivity by increasing its speed, customizing the content of information and facilitating interaction between Government institutions and citizens. The Centre, which was set up in 2005, hosts and manages the Government Portal,

5. Cabinet has taken note of the Report of the Project Plan Committee, set up under the aegis of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, National Development Unit, Land Transport and Shipping to assess public infrastructure projects and determine their feasibility and cost benefits. The Committee has recommended 48 projects to the tune of Rs3.5 billion for inclusion in the Public Sector Investment Programme, namely replacement of water pipes in various regions of the country, implementation of a waste water project at Phoenix, construction of Schoenfield Bypass (Phase II), implementation of the e-Agriculture Action Plan, setting up of a specialized Medical Care Unit in Rodrigues, construction of mediclinics and implementation of the e-judiciary programme (Phase II).

6. Cabinet has taken note of the draft Recurrent and Capital Estimates of the Rodrigues Regional Assembly for the Financial Year 2012. The proposed expenditure of the Rodrigues Regional Assembly will be to the tune of Rs1,670M, including Rs360M for capital projects.

7. Cabinet has taken note of the outcome of the recent mission of the Minister of Health and Quality of Life to Brazil where he participated in the World Conference on Social Determinants of Health. The objectives of the Conference were to share experiences on policies and strategies aiming at reducing health inequities, draw lessons learnt and catalyze coordinated global actions in the following five key areas –
(a) governance to tackle the root causes of health inequities;
(b) promoting participation: community leadership for action on social determinants;
(c) the role of the health sector, including public health programmes, in reducing health inequities;
(d) global action on social determinants: aligning priorities and stakeholders; and
(e) monitoring progress, measurement and analysis to inform policies and build accountability on social determinants.

8. Cabinet has taken note of the appointment of Mrs Véronique Kwok Yin Siong Yen as Chairperson of the Valuation Tribunal with effect from 1 November 2011.

9. Cabinet has taken note of the constitution of the Maurice Ile Durable Fund Committee with Dr Shri Vasantt Jogoo as Chairperson.