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​​​​​​ ​​List of Ministers​​


​​The Hon Pravind ​Kumar JUGNAUTH​
Prime Minister
Minister of Defence, Home Affairs and External Communications
Minister for Rodrigues, Outer Islands and Territorial Integrity

​2.The Hon Louis Steven OBEEGADOO
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Housing and Land Use Planning
Minister of Tourism

​3.​The Hon Mrs Leela Devi DOOKUN-LUCHOOMUN, GCSK
Vice-Prime Minister
Minister of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology

​4.​Dr the Hon Mohammad Anwar HUSNOO
Vice-Prime Minister
​Minister of Local Government and Disaster Risk Management

​5.​The Hon Alan GANOO
Minister of Land Transport and Light Rail

​6.​Dr the Hon Renganaden PADAYACHY
Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development

​7.​The Hon Nandcoomar BODHA, GCSK
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade

​8.​The Hon Georges Pierre LESJONGARD
Minister of Energy and Public Utilities

Minister of Social Integration, Social Security and National Solidarity 

​10.The Hon Soomilduth BHOLAH
Minister of Industrial Development, SMEs and Cooperatives

​11.​The Hon Kavydass RAMANO
Minister of Environment, Solid Waste Management and Climate Change

​12.The Hon Mahen Kumar SEERUTTUN
Minister of Financial Services and Good Governance

​13.​The Hon Maneesh GOBIN
Attorney General
Minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security

​14.​The Hon Yogida SAWMYNADEN
Minister of Commerce and Consumer Protection

The Hon Jean Christophe Stephan TOUSSAINT
Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Recreation

​16.The Hon Mahendranuth Sharma HURREERAM
Minister of National Infrastructure and Community Development

​17.​The Hon Darsanand BALGOBIN
Minister of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation

​18.​The Hon Soodesh Satkam CALLICHURN
Minister of Labour, Human Resource Development and Training

​19.​Dr the Hon Kailesh Kumar Singh JAGUTPAL
Minister of Health and Wellness

​20.The Hon Sudheer MAUDHOO
Minister of Blue Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping

​21.The Hon Mrs Kalpana Devi KOONJOO-SHAH
Minister of Gender Equality and Family Welfare

​22.The Hon Avinash TEELUCK
Minister of Arts and Cultural Heritage

​23.​The Hon Teeruthraj HURDOYAL
Minister of Public Service, Administrative and Institutional Reforms

Cabinet Office
Port Louis​
25 June​ 2020​